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Anything written about health and diet are my opinions, that I have formed over the years, through trial and error, study, reading, listening and observing. What worked for me, may not work for you. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or dietician and all medical advice should be gotten from a qualified professional. Product recommendations are based on what I used during my infertility journey or wish I had.

baby & Me


Baby & Me is a 3 Year Fertility Mindfulness Journal,

that can be used for all different types of journeys to parenthood.

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, using Clomid, IUI, IVF, FET,

donor sperm/egg/embryos, going through the adoption process,

taking a break from TTC, during pregnancy and beyond.


*Over 365 inspirational quotes and affirmations


*Over 70 Prompts and Questions to….

Set, Maintain and Achieve Goals

Improve Mental Well-being

Create New Habits

Evaluate How & Whom You Spend Your Time With

Encourage Healthy Eating

Boost Positive Thinking 

Inspire Self Love

Support Fertility Health

Record Important Memories

Express Thoughts and Feelings about Future Family Life

And Reflect on the Everyday Moments 

from becoming a more mindful me

This is the space over the next three years that you’re going to embark on creating a more positive journey to parenthood. Throughout the three years, you’re going to answer over 70 prompts and question, to get you to achieve goals, improve your mental wellbeing, creating new habits in both your diet and life. You're going to boost your positive thinking and Self-Love, support your fertility health, express thoughts and feeling about your future family life, reflect on the everyday moments and record important memories. And all just in a few minutes at the end of each day. 


It’s as simple as writing down just a line or two, taking a few minutes of your time to help you see something positive about your day to go to bed on a more happier note. The cool part is that you record your answer in the same spot over the three years, which is an excellent way to see where you were, how far you’ve come or where you want to go. Also, the benefits of writing what’s going on during your (in)fertility journey, is you don’t have to wonder “did I feel this way last time” – it’s crazy what you forget on this over the years!!


Infertiliyt Journal
Fertility Journal
Infertility Support

Each Day has 4 different boxes

giving you space to:


First Box -

Answer the Question 

Make sure you’re being honest and open with yourself. Remember,

this is for you and no one else, there’s no point of not being truly honest - this is how you grow and make lasting changes.


Second Box -

Your Day, Mood, Movements & Clean Eating


The Day

Day of the Week (Monday through to Sunday)

Day of your Natural Cycle

Clomid Days

IUI, IVF or FET Days

Adoption Process

Pregnancy - Weeks\Months

Postpartum Days


Your Mood

How you’re feeling mentally and\or physically - can add a "why" to this, to help understand why you might be feeling this way.


Your Movements

How you got some exercise in – a walk, yoga, the gym, a hike, cleaned the whole house or did 10,000 steps at work.


Clean Eating

Use the circles to give you a quick and easy


way to record your clean eating habits. 


Fully coloured in circle: 

You made that extra effort and had a clean and yummy meal.

Half coloured in circle: 

You tried but the meal lacked in true nourishment.

An empty circle means:

You're going to try harder next time.


You can also elaborate on what you ate in the day if you want to remember a special meal.



Third Box -

Vitamins and Medications

What vitamins and/or Medications you’re taking at the moment.


Fourth Box -

To-dos, Notes and Appointments



Doctors, Fertility Specialist, Scans, Operations, Test Days,



Make appointments, Order Medication, take time for you or to be with friends and family, Get to the gym or yoga class – Anything & Everything!



This can be anything and everything you feel

you need to add or make a note of.

from becoming a more mindful me